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GHD Island Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second Sunday Night Special. The next one will be on the 15th of March, and it’s going to be an interview with the winner of the logo contest (which is ending March 8th!). Anyway, let’s get started!


During this island, there were some parts that seemed more related to the comics than others. Such as, for instance, Princess Dagger not wanting to be evil.

Or when you have to get the Treasure Map from the Ghost Ship.

But other things don’t really have anything to do with the comics at all.

Like when Cosmoe, Humphree, and Dagger get sucked into a Wormhole.

And of course, there are the pages from the actual comics:

Now, we’re just going to give you a short run-through about what you do in the island. If you don’t want to know, you can read it later.

Anyway, when you enter the island, the first thing you have to is get a Nuclear Pellet for Cosmoe’s fuel cell. After that, Cosmoe, Humphree, and Dagger get sucked into a wormhole and we have to use F.R.E.D. to help find them. Once you find all three of them, they want you to try and find the Treasure Map. And then…the island finishes!!!

Some of us (meaing Trusty Biker), is unhappy with the ending of the island. It doesn’t seem really satisfying, says Trusty. The ending is really simple.

All you do is find the treaure map, push the big red emergency button to get away from the queen, read through three comic pages and you’re done! And that’s no joke!

Some islands (like Mocktropica) ends with you feeling like you accomplished something. In Mocktropica, you fixed all the glitches and got rid of the nasty new management. But in Galactic Hot Dogs Island, you don’t really feel like you did anything. There was nothing to prove it.

But, it’s what the Creators wanted, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Well, we hoped you liked this SNS. Remember, if you get 100 tickets, you get to write an SNS for yourself and it gets published here!

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