Poptropica Inside and Out

PoptropiCon Episode 1 Guide

Thank you to Trusty Biker for writing this walk through!


This is a medium level island. And the only reason I say that is because you need to costumize from a lot of different people. When you enter PoptropiCon Episode 1, you’ll be directed to a person who will ask you if you know how to costumize. If you say yes, she’ll teach you. If you say no, she won’t. So to save your current look, click on the Costume Closet tent that’s next to her. Click on the green button right under you. That’ll save your outfit. To get your outfit, click the blue button, then click on your outfit. Exit out of that now and head to the right. You’ll se a line waiting to get in to see the Mighty Action Force trailer. If you click on the people waiting in line, you’ll ask if they have an extra ticket. Of course, they don’t. Untill you come to a princess. Ask her if she has an extra ticket. She says she is holding one for her friend, but she does not know where he is. She’ll show you a selfie when you ask what he looks like.


Your first mission: Create an outfit that looks like her wizard friend. Go to the right and costumize the last person in line. You’ll want her staff. Go to the left until you see a sign that says parking lot. Jump on it then onto a windowsil with shrubbery. From there, walk right until you’re right next to the Costume Closet. Jump onto the green awning and you’ll bounce up to a sign that says: COSPLAY CONTEST ATNOON. Rember where that is. You’ll need it later. Go to the right and costumize the person who is having a fight with the vending machine. As you pass the garbage can, you’ll pick up some bottles. So costumize this guy’s beard. Jump straight up and keep jumping untill you  get to the top. Go to the left and costumize the witch’s hat. Run off the left of the roof and jump off. Go left into the parking lot. Go to the left next to the SPACE JAUNT booth. There is a guy eating, he has a red hat on. Costumize his tunic. Go back to the princess. When you pass theYE OLD FORGE OF FINERY, jump on the convention center sign, then jump on the roof. Go left and get the Watch Parts.


When you get back to the princess, she’ll ask you for something in exchange for her ticket. She mentioned that her friend was in the bathroom. So you’ll have to go the left and check. Pass the PEPE’S PIZZA PUFFS truck and go left again to the restrooms. Go left and you’ll see the wizard person crying. He says he left it in the bathroom and the line is too long to get it. Since nobody will let you skip them, you’ll have to run back and forth to get what they want in order to get to the bathroom.


So the first person wants to know who played Thor in the old viking movie. To find out, you’ll need to go to the alley, which is to the right of Main Street or the Convention Center as the call it. So go to the right once you enter the alley. Jump on the first dumpster and get the backpack straps. Keep going to the right until you see a poster that says BUCKY LUCAS IS THOR. Click on the poster to let your character learn this information.


Go back to the restrooms and tell the person the information. The next person asks us to find out what time the Cosplay Contest is. Remember when we saw that poster? Go  back to it and click on it to have your character learn the information. Go back to the girl and tell her the information. She’ll trade you her spot.


The next person says that you have to have a power amulet to get past him. If you go back to the convention center, there is now a girl on top of the bus. She is holding the power amulet. Click on her and race her to the top of the water tower to get the amulet. Unfortunately, she is a cheat. Jump up the stairs and onto the windowsill. Jump onto the pipe on your left and climb all the way up.  Jump on the windowsill and onto the clothesline. Move your mouse so you land on the windowsill. Jump up and then onto the umbrella. Jump one more time and you’ll be at the top. If you don’t get it the first time, don’t worry. You’ll get it. Once you get the power amulet, put it on and go back to the boy. Click on him, and he’ll give you the spot.


The next person wants a mask from the SPACE JAUNT booth. Go there and talk to the first person and ask him to teach you how to speak Fremulon. Examine the Fremulon pamphlet. Then click on the second person and carry one a basic conversation.


When he asks you- Scrash Sumbellugh?      How are you?

Answer and say- Scrum Bellazugh                I am fine!

When he asks you- Crozzy Zup Bemblex?      Where is the restroom?

Answer and say- Bemblex Zup Amfrozan          The restroom is behind you.

When he asks you- Groffzellux Scrumble Blurge?   Will you take a picture of me?

Answer and say- Blurge Scrashble Bellazagur.     I’d be delighted to take a picture of you!


He’ll be impressed and give you the mask. You should know what to do now. Go back to the restrooms, which are to the right, and give the boy the mask. The last girl wants a new jet pack. She’ll give you a set of instructions to build it. Remember the stuff we kept on picking up? That’s the stuff we need for the jet pack. Go to YE OLD FORGE OF FINERY which  is to the right of the SPACE JAUNT booth. Click on the booth, then click twice more to exit the instructions. This is what you need to do:

1. Click on the green backpack straps.

2. Click on the glue to put some on.

3. Click on the bottles to attach them.

4. Click on the glue again to put some more on.

5. Click on the watch parts to attach those.

6. Click on the spray cans in the top right corner.

7. Wait until it registers that you’re done.


Go back to the lady and give her the jet pack. She’ll fly away. Click on the restroom and wait for the scene to play out. When you come out, you’ll get a Mjolnir.


Go back to the princess at the convention center. When you tell her you found it in an outdoor toilet, she’ll tell you the deal is off and you need to find another way inside. Equip the Mjolnir. Go to the alley and talk to the guy standing next to the poster that says BUCKY LUCAS IS THOR. You’ll ask if you can trade it for the catapult. He’ll say only Thor himself can move him from the spot. So, you’ll have to customize yourself to look like Thor. Go out of the alley and customize the beard from the first person in line. Don’t forget to take off the power amulet and the staff. Also take off the wizard beard. Next, go to the parking lot and customize the tunic from the girl at the YE OLD FORGE OF FINERY. Go left to the restrooms and customize the last person in line’s hair and get the cape from the girl in front of him. Go back to the alley. You’re all set. Talk to the man again. This time, he’ll leave his post.


Jump on top of the catapult until it goes all the way down. Click the lever and fly! Congratulations! You’ve completed the island!



To get your outfit back, go back to PoptropiCon and click on the costume closet. Press the blue button by your feet and click on the outfit you want to customize from.

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