Poptropica Inside and Out

Arabian Nights


Arabian Nights is a three-part episodic adventure. There are currently two parts, but the third one is coming soon!

Here are the pictures you get:

Island Description from Poptropica:

The winner of Poptropica’s Create Your Dream Island contest comes to life! Journey to an ancient land of sultans, thieves, and a magical lamp with power beyond imagination.

Episode 1: How Bazaar- After the forty thieves ransack his city, a desperate sultan only has one request: find the theives’ lair and bring back his most prized possession!

Episode 2: Lair of Theives: In the den of the forty thieves, danger lurks around every corner. To outwit the most dangerous thieves in the desert, you’ll need a little help evening the odds-and you’ll find it in the form of an incredible magic power!

Episode 3: COMING SOON!

Captain Crawfish did video walkthroughs for both these islands, you can watch them by clicking here. Episode 2,,or you can watch ours below!

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