Poptropica Inside and Out

Early Poptropica Walkthrough


Drop down into Early Poptropica and go to the screen on the right. If you talk to the inhabitants you’ll find out that somebody has been stealing their stuff. In this island we need to find in 3 things: a pig, a bucket, and a flag. If you talked to some of the people on Main Street you’ll know that the flag is on top of the water tower, but you need a way to get up there. Anyway, so you’re in Early Poptropica and you need to go down the well next to the person that lost the pig and the person that lost the bucket. So climb down the rope and fall off the platform onto the green seesaw-like platform. Go and fall off the left of the green platform onto another green platform. Jump to the top left and you should land on another green platform. Jump onto the sturdy platform on the top left and then jump again to get the glow stick. Now just go back out to Early Poptropica. Run to the right back to Main Street and jump into the manhole cover to go down into the sewers. Make your way all the way down to the bottom right corner and get the pig. Watch out for the green spider! Jump up the platforms and go back to Main Street. Run to the left screen which is the Poptropica Towers. Run left until you see another manhole cover on the ground and go down into a dark room. This is where you need your glow stick. Follow my directions carefully. If you get lost, I won’t be able to help you.

  • Slide down the rope and head to the left.

  • Slide down the rope next to the wall and go to the right.

  • Do not go down the first rope, but the one after it.

  • Go to the right and slide down the rope there.

  • Go to the left, but do not go down the rope.

  • Go to the platform on left side and the egg should be there.

  • Now you need to get back up.

  • Go to the right but do not slide down the rope. Climb up the rope next to the wall and go to the left.

  • Climb up the rope and go to the left again.

  • Do not climb down the next rope but keep going until you climb up the rope.

  • Go to the right and the first rope should take you up to the Poptropica Towers again.

Go to the right and climb up the orange-ish building by jumping up the windowsills. Jump onto the top of the green roof to the left of the building. Jump to the brown building to the left of the green building. Then go to the left and take a wild jump to the top left. If you land on the statue, that’s okay. Just jump from the top of the statue. You’ll land on a reddish building. Then jump on the clothes line to the left of the reddish building. Keep jumping until you have enough boost to get near the top of the blue building. (It should take about 3 jumps). Climb up the vine at the top of the building. When you get up there, you’ll be in a cloud area. Go to the right and click on the purple feet and give him his golden egg. Then he’ll grant you access to the right. Go to the right and climb over all the stuff. If you keep heading to the right you’ll find the water bucket. Get that and the go one more time to the right screen. Jump onto the boxes and then onto the big airplane fans. Let them take you over the wing and then over the rocket. Go to the right and pick up and put on the jetpack. Fly over everything and head back to Main Street by going to the left screen, the left again. Go down the vine and fly to the right over the Poptropica Towers. Go to the right screen. Once in Main Street, fly to the top of the water tower and pick up the flag. Then go to Early Poptropica again. Talk to the man who is missing his pig and give it to him. Talk to the man who is missing his bucket and give that to him also. Then climb the rope and go to the top of that building and talk to the man who is missing the flag. Now the ship can come in! Go onto the ship (which is to the right of the lookout building), and talk to the person on it. After saying a few things, he will give you the island medallion! Congratulations! You have finished Early Poptropica!

To learn about a special costume you can get, go to the Glitches page.

Written by: Trusty Biker

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