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Arabian Nights Episode 2 Walkthrough




Starting point



When you enter the island, you need to make your way down the scene. It’s really easy, just go the opposite the way of the guards and always head down! Once you get to the arrow that’s pointing down, go down that hole. Once you do, you’ll start spying on the thieves and find out what they’re up to. You’ll see that the thieves are trying to find the “right lamp” and they’re making the prisoners try each lamp.


Once the scene plays out, your characters platform that they’re standing on will break and you’ll be taken to a cell! Once in the cell the man next to you will tell you that you need to get to his cell door! The only way to get to his cell door is past thieves, so we need to find some way to get past them. What if we dressed like them?  First, we need to get out of our cell! Do you see those not very strong blocks on top of you? Jump up and hit them with your head keep hitting them until they break apart and are not there any more. Then push the bed that’s on your left until its right under the opening. Jump on it, then get up on the above platform. Push the ball off the side of the platform and the wall that it’s attached to will break. If you fall off the platform, just jump on the ball that’s on the floor. Then jump back onto the platform.

Push the ball

Wrecking BallRun to the right, then run to the screen on the right.  Keep going to the right, until you reach a treasure chest. (You may have to swim a little) Jump on the treasure chest, then on to the statue. Now we need to get that cloth from the altar, but we can’t let the coin counter see us. So wait until he turns around, then jump up really quickly, go to the right a little, and pick up the White Robe.

White Robe

 Like your character announces, they look just like the thieves’ clothes, except they’re not black. Run to the next screen on the right, where you’ll be in the Head Thief’s area. Go up to the platform there. You can see a jar of oil, but we can’t use it yet. We don’t want to get caught! So jump on the rope and then onto the platform just above the room.

No oil

Get oilThieves Garb

When the Head Thief takes her lamp, refills it with oil, then goes back, we have just enough time to dye our White Robe. Go down to the barrel, then click use on the White Robe. We now turned it into Thieves’ Garb. Put it on, and no thief will put you back in your cell. Now we can get to the man’s cell door without being caught.

No Harm

Run all the way back to the cell scene. When you’re there. jump onto the box that’s right next to you, then onto the ladder rings. Go all the way up, then run to left. Jump down those ladder rings, go to the right as far as you can, then rump up a couple of rungs to get to the man’s cell door. When you talk to him, he will give you a magic sand formula that will aid you in your quest. Now we need to get all the stuff!

Formula Prompt

The formula says we need to get, Viper’s Skin, Borax, Quicksilver, and Gunpowder. The Viper’s SKin is in this scene. Go back to the area where you first come in from the coin counter’s scene. Jump up the ladder, run all the way to the left, but this time, when you go down the ladder, only go down a couple of rungs. The Viper’s Skin is in a cell.

Viper Skin 1

Go back to the coin counter’s scene. The quicksilver is on the platform to the right of the altar. You can jump on the statue’s head to get to the platform easier.

Do you remember the first scene that we were in? We need to get there to get the Borax. So jump on the statue’s head again and then jump on the platform, then go up. All you need to do is find the borax. Follow these directions: Go right until you come to a rope. Go up the rope, then go all the way left until you come to another rope. Go all the way to the right and you will find the Borax.


Now all we need is the gunpowder, which is in the Head Thief’s area, as I like to call it. Exit the scene, then go to the right of the coin counter’s scene. Run past the Head Thief, then enter the room. The gunpowder is on one of the platforms above you.


After you get the gunpowder, you can now craft the Magic Sand! The crafting table is right below you, so drop down and click on it. Follow the formula. Just click on each ingredient the number of times the formula says. (see picture below) When you’re done, click the done button and all the ingredients will combine into Magic Sand!

 crafttable magic sand

Your character will test it out, and the crafting table will fall through the week spot in the sand the magic sand made. This will attract the attention of the Head Thief, she will come in and throw a lamp into the room and shut the door. Since there’s gunpowder in the room, it will set on fire and your disguise will go away.

stop sneaking around

But you have even bigger problems; you’re trapped! The door is locked and there’s no other way out. Or is there? Equip your magic sand and press spacebar to throw it right onto that spot on the ground. Now, quick, go through that and then get out of this scene by swimming to the left.

Now, we lost our disguise, but we have the Magic Sand. We will use this in place of our disguise. Go back to the cell scene and climb up that ladder again. This time, you can’t go all the way to the left because there is a gaurd in the way. Go  until you come to that weak spot and throw your Magic Sand. Drop through it and go left until you come to another weak spot. Through your Magic Sand and the bomb will drop on the thief below it. He’ll drop a key. Go through the spot in the sand and get the key.

weak spot bomb prison key dropped a key prison key

 Now run to the left and go down the ladder until you come to your cell. Through the magic sand and it should go on the weak spot on the ground. The bomb will drop and the thief under it will pass out. Keep going down the ladder and run all the way to the right. Go up the ladder and use the Prison Key and open the man’s cell door. Now go to the coin counter’s scene and he’ll follow you. You need to distract the coin counter to get to the lamps.

freedom! follow me distract

What you need to do is go up on his platform (risky, right?), and throw your magic sand where all his money is. It’ll drop through and land in the water. He’ll go after it and start counting it in the water. Now you can get to the lamps!

on no the gold lost  count counting

You need to choose the right one. The Sultan said it was like no other. All these lamps are  very shiny. Move them around until you find a brown, very dull lamp. Drag it over to the man and he’ll say that we need to get out before the thieves’ catch us. Uh-oh! Too late!

 lamp like no other

The man will take a lamp and put it on the altar. You’ll say don’t, but he tells you to go and he disappears. You run and go up the scene and the Head Thief will send the other thief after you. You now reached the boss level.

go now


This is kind of hard, I actually spent forever on the video walkthrough trying to do this(it was so long, I had to cut it out!) All you need to do is go up the scene and try not to get caught. Every time you see a weak spot in the ground, through your magic sand. You also need to be careful of the rolling barrels. When you get to the end and there’s no where to go, click the exploding barrels and they’ll roll towards the thief and knock him out, also knocking down the platform/ Run up it and get to the top. Press the button that makes the “elevator” come down. There are thieves on it! Then, the Head Thief will come, throw a smoke bomb at you and you’ll be taken to the Lamp Cut Scene (as I like to call it). Watch the cutscene, and instead of red smoke when you put the lamp on the altar, purple mist will come out and then…..

THE EPISODE FINISHES! But you get the Island Medallion and you’re done!

Walkthrough by:

Trusty Biker

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