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Costume Contest Winners!

Hi everyone!

My name is Misty. No, I’m not joining this blog, but I was asked to judge the contest, and here are the results!

So, let’s talk about prizes:

First Prize

Will be:

  • The OFFICIAL contest of PIaO for 4 months, making it in the background, as well as on the sidebar
  • Will be the costume that is worn for every video walkthrough made within the next month
  • The title of “FIRST COSTUME CONTEST WINNER” for the rest of your life

Second Prize

Will be:

  • Featured on the sidebar of this blog for two months

Third Prize

Will be :

  • Featured on the sidebar of this blog for one month

But you want to get down to the winners, don’t you? Well, I’m going to be super evil, and make you click the READ MORE button 😉


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Mystery of the Map Island is Released!

I’m happy to say that Mystery of the Map Island is released to member! I played it, and I really loved it. From the way our “footsteps” moved on the map, to the sheer cleverness of it all, I loved it.

One downside was that after I completed it, it wouldn’t show up. So now I have to restart the island and start all over.

I’ll give my review when I can, and then @cooloctpus and @incredibleflame500 can do theirs as well.