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MotM Island Review by CO

Here is my review on the newly-released Mystery of the Map Island:

That island song is amazing. How the creator design the island was amazing for me. I am not a nonmember, it took me one minute to pass it – without the help of the PHB.  Also, when I was playing the island, I noticed it has blends of many islands, like Ghost Story and Time Tangled. Overall, I give it a 10 out of 10.

Cool Octopus


Whatever After Prizes

Hello, it’s me, Cool Octopus, and I came here with amazing news.

First, open your Poptropica account, boys and girls, and you will receive Whatever After Prizes.

Boys receive:


Girls receive:

dress up

You will also receive a mirror with some cool special effects!

Mirror prize:

after mirror

Here are all the effects of the mirror:


girl talk

Go- head over to Poptropica to get the amazing prizes!

Cool Octoppus