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Well….This is Embarrassing…


Hey guys!

This is embarrassing isn’t it? I feel so so so bad. I still cannot believe that I actually told y’all that I was coming back, and then never even logged on to this account.

The truth is, I do miss playing Poptropica. It was quite fun, and interacting with you guys was probably one of the best things ever. The other truth is, I’m super busy. Finals are coming up soon, which means I probably won’t be able to even TURN ON my computer or phone to post or play. After finals, I’ll ave summer, which I probably will have time to post, but then after that, it’s my eighth grade year. Eighth grade year means I’ll have to work SUPER hard to graduate as valedictorian or salutatorian. There’s also the matter of deciding what high school to go to, applying, etc.

So what I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for promising to come back when I didn’t. I’m sorry for being inactive as heck. I’m sorry for not posting for six months. But most of all, I’m sorry for letting you guys down.

As for this blog, I’m not sure. There’s a very low chance that I’ll actually still be active  on it. Maybe I’ll come on once or twice.

So even though I’m probably not going to be active on here, I’m SUPER active on Instagram. My account is @adisneylifetime so follow me, spam me, stalk me, whatever you’d like 😉

Signing off for what very possibly be the last time,

Trusty Biker


Author: Trusty Biker

Poptropica Inside and Out Popping Poptropica Stories Are the blogs I own. Search them. I'm an 11 year old girl and I live in the USA. My favorite color is neon green.

6 thoughts on “Well….This is Embarrassing…

  1. I’m a blogger who started in Jan 2016, and even though I never got to know you, I’ll miss your posts.

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  2. Hey, I’m Super Drummer, an active commenter on the PHB, and I’ve never got to meet you. My username on Pop is “Hiphop,rockitup” if you want to friend me.

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  3. Also TB, did you check Twitter and saw that Skinny Moon got hacked by some user named “Joey” yesterday?

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