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MoTM Island Available For Everyone, MoTM Island Review by IF, Poptropica Hall of Fame Winners, and Behind The Scenes!

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Hey! Incredible Flame here.

Mystery of The Map Island is now available to everyone! I just completed it for the first time since I’m not a member, and I thought it was absolutely amazing.

Here’s my full review:

This island is full with excitement and adventure, and when I played I felt like I was really in the game, trying to escape from the Vikings and trying to get the map back from Octavian. I especially enjoyed the mini-games in this island, like when you had to sneak past the vikings and dodge all the rocks the Big Viking was throwing at you. I really like the way they turned a comic book into an island. However, I thought the island was a little short. It was really exciting, and I kind of wanted it to be a little longer, though not too long :). Other than that, I think this island was great, and I really enjoyed playing it. I have to say, I think this was my favorite island yet.

Next, introducing the Poptropica Hall of Fame Winners: Dangerous Glove and Lazy Pelican!



Dangerous Glove was last week’s winner, and you can find her on Night Watch Island:


Click here to see the post on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog and find out more about Dangerous Glove and all the islands she completed 🙂

And this week’s winner is…. Lazy Pelican! You can find her on Game Show Island:lazyPelicanGameShow

To learn more about Lazy Pelican and see the full post on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog, click here.

Congratulations Dangerous Glove and Lazy Pelican! 🙂

The Poptropica Help Blog recently had a Q&A with Jess Brailer, Poptropica CEO. According to Jess, the next island that is going to be released (after Arabian Nights Ep. 3 and Timmy Failure Island, which, though hasn’t been confirmed yet by the Poptropica Creators, seems very likely) is “some place you don’t want to be”.  Some of the Daily Pops and the PHB say we may end up in jail in this island! Click here to see the full post on the Poptropica Help Blog.

Wow, this island sounds like it’ll be really exciting, right?

-Incredible Flame

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