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A lot of you have asked me: how are you planning on making the item card pages? Well, it’s simple.

I’ve made a website. We all will be able to edit pages, and that means we can have more information on item cards!

From my understanding, only administrators are allowed to make pages, but everyone is allowed to edit pages.

So if you would like to edit (or work on) a page that has not been added yet (let’s say, The Golden Apple Item), please let us know either on the comments on that site, the comments on this site, or by emailing me at trustybiker031@gmail.com.

Once we all agree that a page is complete, it will be added here, along with the names of those who helped out!

If you have any questions, please put it in the comments!!!

Also, you have to make a PBWorks account to edit and comment on the pages… But it’s free, and safe, so don’t worry about it!!

Trusty Biker


Author: Trusty Biker

Poptropica Inside and Out Popping Poptropica Stories Are the blogs I own. Search them. I'm an 11 year old girl and I live in the USA. My favorite color is neon green.

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