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New: Poptropica Clubs!

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Hey ‘tropicans! I’m going to give you the quickest tidbit of news you ever did see.

We have a new thing going on- POPTROPICA CLUBS!! Click here to go to the page!

We have two clubs so far-Poptropica Villains and Poptropica Costumes-and if you have any ideas for a club, there’s a form to fill out on the Clubs page!

If you make a club, you get to be a sponsor! But I am the Activities Director. That means I’m in charge of ALL the clubs.

We have a lot of elements to the club-like a reminder through text, email, or app, and a website for each club!

Join the PIAO Poptropica Clubs today!

Trusty Biker

P.S. I told you it was going to be quick :p

Author: Trusty Biker

Poptropica Inside and Out Popping Poptropica Stories Are the blogs I own. Search them. I'm an 11 year old girl and I live in the USA. My favorite color is neon green.

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