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We’re Moving-More Details!

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Hey everyone! It’s Trusty Biker over here! So, in our last Sunday Night Special, we mentioned that we would be moving our site. And that’s no lie!

Previously, we had our site over on Wix. We also had this site, but we didn’t keep up with it that much. Now, we’re going to discard our Wix site, and do everything fully on this site! If you only read posts on this site anyway, it won’t affect you. Everything, and I mean everything, will be on this site.

If you’re following this blog, you may have noticed that you’re receiving dozens of emails that say NEW POST, NEW POST! from our blog. That’s because we’re moving all our posts from Wix onto this site. It takes a lot of copying and pasting, believe me! 😉

So you don’t have to pay much attention to those posts. They’re mostly old news. But if you want to read them, you can! 😛 I can’t really stop you from reading them 😀

Here are a couple details about our move; what we’ll be losing and gaining.

What We’re Losing:

  • Our site-members feature. You’ll no longer be able to sign up to become a site-member, and access the special pages on our site. They’ll be open to the public!
  • The tickets pop-up. If you get 100 tickets, you get to write a Sunday Night Special. On our old site, every time you logged into our site, a pop-up will come and tell you to sign up for tickets. Yeah, we’re losing that. Instead, if you want your daily tickets, you’ll have to go to a separate page each day to fill out a form and get tickets. I know it’s annoying, but it’s the best thing we can do 😦
  • Our forums page. On our old site, we had a forum that anybody can access, and it was really cool, but on WordPress, you can’t have that, so we’re losing that page.

That’s basically all we’re losing, or all I can think of, that is :D. The good thing is, nothing is really SUPER important, and that’s a GREAT thing! We’re not even losing our Sponsors!

Now, I’m going to blog about our regular Poptropica news. I just felt I had to get that first part out of the way first 🙂


So, if you’ve been on Poptropica Realms for the past couple of days, you’ll notice a huge update on Realms. Here’s a list. I’ll go into more detail about each one later on in the post.

  • Weather. Yeah, weather!
  • New hammer abilities- Ground Pound, Hammerang, and Super Jump!
  • Get 2 costumes-one with a promo code, and one when you reach level 15!
  • Annoying Pixies that steal your Poptanium
  • Interactive Items!

Let’s get into more detail, shall we?

intro pic


Okay, first, weather! In the forest biome, you get rain. Just rain, and it doesn’t do anything to you. You can even hear it!

normal rainIn the snow biome, we’ve got snow, obviously. And in the sand realm, you’ve got sandstorms. Oh, and watch out for the weather in the Lunar Biome and Swamp Biome. They have acid rain and meteors! It takes away your health if you don’t get under something.









What’s next? Oh yeah! The hammer abilities. If you look at the bottom of your screen, while in Mine mode, depending on what level you’re on, you’ll see 3 images. I’m in level 11, so I only have 2 images.

Those 3 images give you different abilities. I don’t know about Super Jump, but in Hammerang and Ground Pound, if you click on those images, the hammer breaks a big part of the ground. I’m not really sure what Super Jump does, so if anybody in the comments would like to help me 😀 hammer abilities hammerang




Now, we’re going to talk about the costumes! If you enter the promo code, GOREALMS, you get a cool Realms Builder Costume!

gorealms promo code realms builder costume


Now, my least favorite part of the update: Pixies. They appear in the night, and in the first few lights of day. They come out and, WAM! They take 10 Poptanium from you! Why the only thing you can do to escape this is dig a hole, trap yourself, and wait until morning comes.

annoying pixies

Luckily, if they steal your Poptanium, grab your hammer and give them a blast. They’ll drop your Poptanium and fly away!

Now, for the last part of the post-the interactive items! If your health is low, build a type of food, like apples or even spaghetti. Then, go to explore mode and click on the food you built. Your character will say YUM! and your health will go up!


On some other blogs, I’ve heard that there are more interactive items. All I can find is that if you put the chest, and click on it, it will open. If anybody in the comments have found some more interactive items, let me know in the comments or send me a picture!

interactive ches

Well, that’s all for today! If anybody has any questions concerning our move, or about the Realms updates, let us know! Comment below, or send me an email at trustybiker031@gmail.com!

Trusty out!

P.S. Don’t tell anybody, but we will be having a page where you can become an author on our blog soon!


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