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Sunday Night Special: An Inside Look on Tribes

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first edition of the PIAO Sunday Night Special. This is not copyrighted, and anyone is welcome to take our idea. But at the end of rach one, you must put Idea taken by Poptropica Inside and Out. Other than that, the SNS (Sunday Night Special) will try to be made every Sunday Night. If we find that too hard, we will make it every other Sunday. Now, these Sunday Night specials will be about Poptropica. In this one, there will be an inside look on the Tribes. All SNS will appear Monday night under the Homepage. You can find links to all of them. IDEAS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA, CLICK HERE TO SEND US AN EMAIL.

Let’s get started!

As you may know, when you are a new Poptropican, if you save your game and go to your profile, you have the options to choose your mood, choose where you live, and choose your tribe. Having a tribe didn’t really seem like a big deal until Poptropolis Games came out. Then, you would be your tribe’s represenative and you try to win the game. Your tribe would also determine what color jersey you would be wearing. You are always allowed to change your tribe. Through this SNS, we will take an inside look on the tribes so you can choose the best one for you.  All common room pictures are from Poptropickia. Thanks!

So far, (because they may add more…maybe) there are 8 tribes.

You have the Black Flags, Nannobots, Night Crawlers, Flying Squid, Seraphim, Wildfire, Pathfinders, and the Yellowjackets. Each tribe has it’s own common room; each tribe has something special about them. Whichever tribe you choose is up to you. Let us just “influence” your decision a little.


Their official colors are black and white. If you’re more of a pirate-y, adventure type person, this is the tribe for you! Their common room (see below), is literally a run down pirate ship. Every once in a while, you’ll hear thunder and see a flash of lightning.

 Have fun exploring this common room and it’s secrets!


The Nannobots colors are pink and white, and they definatley have the best common room, by far.

If you like music and computers, this tribe is the one for you. In their common room, they have (drumroll,please) a music mixer! That’s right! You can make your own music in this common room!

 Have fun making music and wowing your real-life friends with your mad DJ skills!


Their official colors are green and black. If you like…um…I honestly can’t think of what area this group fits into…so…um…look at the common room and tell me what you think on our forum! Make a new topic if you want!


Their official colors are red and orange. Join this tribe if you love heat. Anything really hot you’ll be there. Shut-off, closed pipes, and a creepy looking mechanical bird are all part of the Wildfire tribe.


Their official colors are blue and white. Do you love to collect and analyze bus? Stay up late to catch the special ones? LOve the Crystal Room on Poptropica Realms?This is the tribe for you! You can explore this common room and be absoulutley wowed, not grossed out. You can see bugs scurrying across this area and there’s even a computer to keep track of all of them


Their colors are blue and yellow. If you love hiking, exploring, or even finding out things in genral, this is the tribe for you! These trusty pathfinders will never lose their way!


You might think this would be an angelic tribe. Their common room would be white, and clean, and everything in it’s correct position. Wel, I guess you haven’t seen their common room yet! It’s a dark stone castle that is confidential to outsiders. Anyone who breaks in will probably get zapped by the gigantic angel at the top of the room. Their official colors are gold and black.


Their colors are black and yellow. So, like the Flying Squid tribe, this tribe is also hard to classify. Their common room is pretty cool though, complete with teleporters and a Poptropican dressed like a bee!

I hoped you liked this first Sunday Night Special. We do plan on doing more, whether it’s every week, every other week, or every month! We are open to ideas and we do hope you’ll send them in! So far, we don’t know about the subject of the next Sunday Night Special. It may be an inside look on Poptropica Realms. Maybe. Come up with some ideas, then send it to poptropicainsideandout@gmail.com.

This is already added to the Sunday Night Special page, which you can find under the Home tab!

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