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Hi guys! It’s now time for my review on Poptropica Realms! I haven’t been a member long enough to explore Land, so I can’t really compare and contrast. Anyway, here we go!

Everybody enters in the same area, and the entire world is the same. I will do a video on the secret places to find Poptanium in this world. Oh! That’s another new thing! You can now find bags, buckets, and trunks (oh my!) full of Poptanium! When you first enter, you just need to keep going to the right until you find the hammer (I don’t actually remember what it’s called).

After that, you can build and destroy!

A couple things that I noticed about Realms:

Building uses Poptanium, which is annoying when you’re trying to build a big house. I also noticed if you have your hammer and press it on one of the creatures, after a while, they will fade away.

You also don’t have to save or load new games! You can access your lands right from your account! To get to a new world, press the world button and you will enter a bubbly scene. To make a new world, click a bubble, name it, choose what it will look like (what biome), and choose its size!

Like I said before, I will do a video about the secret places in the first forest that you land in.

This was my quick review; please comment below on how you like the new Poptropica Realms!

Trusty Biker

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