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GHD Island Trailer and Neon Weinner Papercraft

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Earlier, the Poptropica Creators posted a teaser trailer for Galactic Hot Dogs Island. Now, they have posted the official trailer for Galactic Hot Dogs Island.

In the earlier trailers, (such as Shrink Ray) Poptropica had screen shots of the island, and what you do in the island. But in this trailer, there are no Poptropicans, or anything from the GHD island. You can look at the trailer below, but I don’t think that there’s not much to see.

There is also the Neon Weiner papercraft on the Galactic Hot Dogs Island Tour Page. Click here to get on it.

This post was a quickie, but it’s my job to keep you updated on all things Poptropica!

Trusty Biker


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