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The 2014 Island Review!

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Hi everyone! Happy New Year. We’re sorry for the delay, but something happened with our website that we needed to take care of. Anyway, here’s the post:

Hi guys! It’s Incredible Flame and Trusty Biker here. Today we will be doing the 2014 Island Review Post! To keep things from being too confusing, Incredible Flame will write in red and Trusty Biker will write in blue.

Okay, so the first island that came out in 2014 was Monster Carnival island. Now this island has a bit of a story behind it. About 6 years before the island came out, it appeared on the map with a Coming Soon! sign over it. Then, maybe a week later, it dissappeared! Older Poptropicans have been waiting for 6 years for Monster Carnival to come out, and in 2014, it has! 

The second island that was released in 2014 was Survival Island. It was the first island to have episodic adventures! This island has 5 episodes in all, and I’m pretty sure the creators are done with this island. It would be cool to have a new episode based on Survival spring out on us though!

The third island that came out in 2014 was Mission Atlantis. This was the second episodic adventure and it has three parts. Maybe it’s just me, but this island was not my favorite. Maybe I didn’t like the concept. 

The fourth island released in 2014 was Poptropicon, another episodic adventure. This island’s adventures are not complete yet, there is an episode that is supposed to come out in late Febrary. I liked this island because I thought it was cool to have an entire island based around using the costumizer.

The fifth island that came out in 2014 was Arabian Nights island. This island is also an episodic adventure and it was the winner of the Create Your Dream Island Contest. I liked the island alot and I can’t wait for Arabian Nights ep. 2 to come out for nonmembers! I thought it was supposed to come out Dec 30, but I guess the Creators have other plans.

 We also can’t forget about the two islands that used to not have sound but have been updated: Shrink Ray and Mythology!

We hoped you liked this post about the 2014 Islands, don’t forget to check out the 2014 app review too!

Written by:

Incredible Flame and Trusty Biker


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