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New Year Promises and a Behind-the-Scenes Picture!

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Hi Guys, it’s Trusty Biker again!Poptropica has revealed to us some things we should except in the Early 2015 year. A Poptropican on Twitter asked them what was happening. They were nice enough to give us full detail. Here’s the picture of their conversation.

So we know that Arabian Nights ep. 2 is coming out for mobile in early Jan. We also know that Shrink Ray is coming out for mobile on the third week of Jan. We’ll expect Galactic Hot Dogs island for members at the end of Jan! Yay!!! Also Poptropicon ep. 3 in late Feb. there is one more thing and I wanted to save it for last because it refers to my last post. Poptropica Realms is coming January 15. Also, in the last part of the conversation, Poptropica said this:

I actually have a new theory about Poptropica Realms. It may just be Poptropica’s new name for Land 2.0! I know it’s not as cool as being a new addition, like I thought in my previous post, but the other stuff in their last conversation is cool too. Common Rooms on mobile and common log-ins! I know this isn’t really a long post, but, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! To make up for the new naming thing, here’s a behind-the-scenes picture!

Is it just me, or do the two boys on the left remind me of George and Oliver from the comments? Maybe we’ll get a George and Oliver island! Although I don’t know what the monkey has to do with anything. Also, here is another behind-the-scenes picture that Poptropica posted Dec. 18, but I didn’t see it until now:

I don’t know if it’s for the upcoming Galactic Hot Dogs or not, but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be good!

Anyway, don’t forget to take our Poptropica Inside and Out Satisfaction Survey and send Poptropica Story entries to poptropicainsideandout@gmail.com!

Trusty Biker

P.S. Because it’s hard to keep up with our website, we’ve made a schedule for our self. We’ll upload Daily Pop images every other day and an island walkthrough will be posted every Saturday at the most.


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