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GHD Island and Shrink Ray For All!

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Yesterday, Poptropica realesed Shrink Ray island for all, as they said they would. Now you can finish that demo! I was combing through Poptropica’s Twitter to see if there was any juicy stuff I could use,and I found this picture:

It seems to be a scene from the Galactic Hot Dogs Island. You can find their comics at Poptropica’s sister site, Funbrain. Since I’ve never read it, I can’t really explain this picture. But what I can tell is that we need to jump on these platforms to reach the other side. I also see some kind of ship in the corner. You know, writing this blog post and feeling bad that I don’t know about GHD, I’m going to go read it. By the way, speaking of comics, Poptropica released a comics app for iOS it’s free too!

 I also found this picture on Poptropica’s Twitter:

 It may be a card for the Poptropica Store, it seems like everyone can get it for free!

Well, that’s enough behind-the-scenes images. Bye for now,

Trusty Biker

P.S. This is where I’ll post stuff that appears after I’ve done the post.

Here is another picture from Poptropica’s Twitter. It said that is rejected ideas for the upcoming island. It shows aliens that were going to appear:

Pretty creepy, right?


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