Poptropica Inside and Out

We Are Finally Up!

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As promised, Poptropica Inside and Out is now up for everybody! And we’re sorry for the short delay. Remember, there was a couple blog posts before we got released so check on those to see if you missed anything. Also, starting in January, we are going to have a story line staring Trusty Biker, written by Trusty Biker. There might also be a story line staring Incredible Flame, written by Incredible Flame. We also want more for Poptropica Inside and Out. If you have fashion tips for Poptropicans, or fun stories about Poptropica, send it to our email address: poptropicainsideandout@gmail.com. Don’t forget to tell your friends about this awesome website!

 Forever Poptropica,

The Poptropica Inside and Out Staff Team

 P.S. In case you didn’t know, Poptropica posted on Twitter a couple days ago that Arabian Nights Ep.2 would be released Dec. 11 for members and Dec. 30 for all!!


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